So what’s this blog all about?

WordCamp Chicago Attendee BadgeA couple of weeks ago, I attended WordCamp Chicago 2012–the annual meetup of Chicago-area (and more remote) WordPress users and developers. It was down at DePaul University, and I spent two days getting my geek on with a bunch of people who are both delightfully like me and sometimes uncomfortably too like me for my own good. Amid the codespeak and the swag, I absorbed a ridiculous amount of information from some very talented, intelligent people. And I probably missed more than I caught–it was a very information-rich environment, and I’m sure I lost two nuggets of crucial information for every one I retained. And even with that, it was worth every minute. [Read more…]

Thanks for visiting!

After many years of neglecting my personal blog, I’m rebooting here on my new site. I hope to talk a bit about web development, a bit about publishing and its relationship with ebooks, and probably a little bit about stuff that has nothing to do with anything. Please check back frequently–I look forward to talking to you.